Kids Ballet Singapore Is About Learning to Perform and Succeed

Can you think of dance that is more beautiful than ballet? Dancers must be graceful and sure before they step out on the stage. They must be poised and coordinated with absolute control of their body. By enrolling your child in ballet, you are encouraging them to have outstanding posture, improved balance, and overall coordination, even when they are off the dance stage. However, it doesn’t stop there. Kids ballet Singapore is also about learning to perform and succeed, to have a child reach for their goals through dedication and effort.
Why Ballet for Kids?
One of the things kids and their parents like about dance classes is that it is done in a safe, high-quality learning environment that encourages kids to push themselves in a way that challenges them. However, it is done in a way that does not make them feel bad about their performance, even if they are struggling to master a specific dance move. They learn to work together with other students and work as a team. They learn to push themselves to always achieve a higher goal. Learn more about us at

They can also learn at home if they prefer private classes to simply get a head start on learning their skills. This can often give new dancers more confidence as they work toward perfecting some of the dance moves.
How We Keep It Interesting
Some dancers will have the opportunity to take part in recitals where they will dance, with choreography, and on a stage in front of judges. These are the exams for our classes. Unlike school examinations, though, children are not able to fail.  They simply get recognition for their performance with one of four levels of distinction. They may pass, pass with merits, honors, or high honors. All are good and all will push them to try and do better when they are tested again later in the year.

Another thing that we do is keep the dance classes focused on each child’s ability level at this time. New dancers may not even spend a lot of time dancing. We may keep them focused by playing games and such that enhance their coordination, throwing in some dance moves if they are ready for them. As their poise advances, so too will our lessons in kids ballet Singapore.

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